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Financial Settlements

Apart from care arrangements for children, nothing can rile up emotions and bitterness in divorce proceedings quite like the issue of money.

Don’t let your marriage break-up dissolve into a ‘War of the Roses’ type situation. Contact our family law team based in Birmingham on 0121 409 1113 to make an appointment in the strictest of confidence.

How The Team At Lexfield Law Partners Manages Financial Settlements

Our divorce law experts, overseen by Sylvester Sultan, can manage all aspects of the financial settlement pertaining to your divorce. We will ensure, depending on your circumstances, that;

• your wealth is protected, or

• you receive your fair share of the assets contained within the matrimonial pot

The first thing people want to know when discussing financial settlements is how much they will be entitled to. This will depend greatly on the circumstances of your marriage. For example, if you are a young, childless couple who are parting ways after a mere three years together, your assets are likely to be split 50/50, with no provision for future maintenance required.

However, a couple divorcing who have been married for twenty or more years, and have children, may be required to sell a family home, split pensions and shares, and work out both spousal and child maintenance payments before a financial settlement can be finalised.

Our dedicated team of family Solicitors will ensure your best interests are taken care of in any financial settlement. We know how painful and difficult it can be to fight the person you may still care for in order to gain a fair and reasonable settlement, which is why we will support you in an empathetic manner at all times during negotiations with your ex-spouse.

Enforcing and Setting Aside Financial Orders

If parties to a divorce cannot agree on how to divide their finances on their own, they can apply to the Court, who will make the decision for them. The Court’s decision is called a Financial Order. We can advise you on enforcing a Financial Order, both in the UK and in overseas jurisdictions. Our expertise also extends to the complex area of setting aside a financial order if you believe fraud, mistake, non-disclosure or undue influence may have caused the original decision to be made in the way that it was.

High-Net-Worth Financial Settlements

If your financial settlement involves a large amount of property and assets, then please visit our High-Net-Worth Financial Settlements page or phone our Birmingham office on 0121 409 1113.

Why Choose Lexfield Law Partners to Organise Your Financial Settlement?

Between us, we have over 30 years’ experience within our family law department helping our clients through divorce and family law matters. You can be confident that we have the skills and expertise to ensure you receive a favourable outcome that allows you to move on with your life. In some situations, we can offer fixed fee services for financial settlement matters. Let us help you through this complex area of law and provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

To talk to us about your financial settlement, please email us at lexfieldlawpartners@outlook.com or phone 0121 409 1113 to make an appointment in complete confidence.

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