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Fathers Rights

The law of father’s rights requires a specialist legal professional who is an expert in this particular area of family law.  We are UK’s Top Family Solicitor firm with a highly trained team of Best Family Lawyers based in Birmingham, England.

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Unmarried Fathers Rights

In general terms, a mother is deemed to have “parental responsibility” for his children whether or not he is married to the father.  For births registered in England or Wales; as a father you have parental responsibility if:

• The child’s birth was registered on or after 1st December 2003, and you are named on the birth certificate as the father.

• If the child was born before that time with no father listed on the birth certificate, but the birth was later re-registered with you named as the father.

• If you and the child’s mother sign a Parental Responsibility Agreement.

• If you marry the child’s mother.

• If the Court grants you an Order giving you parental responsibility.

If you have separated from the mother of your child/children and need legal advice to establish where you stand in relation to Child Arrangement Orders and contact with your children, Ambelie and his team can work with you to reach an amicable solution with your ex-partner.

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If you are concerned about the care arrangements made for your children or feel you are being denied contact or excluded from making decisions surrounding their schooling or where they reside, then we will fight in your corner to ensure your wishes are heard.  By engaging our family law team to assert your rights as a father, you can be confident that any issues you have will be resolved as expediently as possible.

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